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Mobile App Development, Web Design, & IT Consulting

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What We Do!

Mobile App Development

We develop iOS and Android mobile applications utilizing the Flutter framework.

Web Design

We design websites utilizing an array of tools including Microsoft Visual Studio and Adobe Photoshop. We can also make arrangements to host your website for you!

IT Consultation

With experience in setting up wired and wireless networks, we can provide inputs on getting your home or business connected and protected! We can also assist with recommending and/or building custom PC solutions to meet your needs.


Work We Have Completed

Amazing Aurora App

Space Weather Specialty App

Amazing Aurora

An App Companion Website

Amazing Weather

A Weather Community Site

About Us

Our Story

Our story begins in 1985 with the purchase of a Tandy 1000 PC and a fascination with computers. Fast-forward 38 years later and we are working to become a leader in mobile application development, website design, and information technology consulting. A lot has changed in the past 38 years, but one thing hasn’t: the fascination with technology is still as strong as it has ever been. We are excited to see where this takes us!


The Story Behind Sharp Rock Ventures

  • January 2021

    How it All Started

    A script was built to collect space weather data from the Space Weather Prediction Center and display it on the Amazing Weather website. The goal was to provide users with a meaningful display of data related to the aurora borealis (northern lights). This gained traction with some fellow “light chasers” and refinements were made.

  • February 2021

    An Amazing Idea

    Building on the small, local success of the website block and a suggestion to turn the block into a mobile app, the search was on to find a way to make that happen. After an exhaustive search of many different platforms, fate led us to Thunkable.com. And, with the click of a button, development of the Amazing Aurora app began!

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    It's Great to be a Thunker!

    Thunkable, a visual, block-based app development platform, was utilized for development of versions one through 10 of the Amazing Aurora app. The app went from concept to live on the respective mobile app stores in just under five weeks. It was quite an amazing accomplishment and we owe that all to the great work of the staff at Thunkable. Without them, it would not have been possible!

  • February 2023

    Spread Your Wings!

    After two years with Thunkable, there was a need to have more control over the design of the app and, in particular, to have physical code to work with. For this reason, we transitioned our development platform from Thunkable to Flutter. The first version of the Amazing Aurora app built completely with Flutter was version 11.0.

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A Veteran-Owned Business

Ronnie Sherard

Owner/Lead Designer

We are a small, veteran-owned business. Ronnie has put a lot of time and effort into starting a fledgling idea and turning it into an efficient business. The end result has been Sharp Rock Ventures LLC!

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